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Left Eye Twitching – Finding A Solution

Our ability to see properly is probably one of the most precious gifts we have. When something interferes with it, we usually panic. However, left eye twitching will not disturb a person as much as blurry sight or something similar. On the other hand, it does not mean that if you have your left eye twitching that it does not require some kind of medical attention. There are really many reasons which will cause our eyelids move involuntarily, which usually lead to these irritable twitches. Sometimes you simply feel that your eyelid is making tiny and hardly noticeable moves. It is not as disturbing as pain, but it might be a cause for something else.

Such eyes or eyelids spasms might be very annoying. It is probably the best thing to find out what causes them. Right or left eye twitching may disappear as similarly as it appears, but it might last as well. For such cases of right or left eye twitching, it is recommendable to see an optician or at least read what causes it.  There might be simple cures such as cold water or chamomile compresses but it might require eye drops if an infection causes the involuntary movements. However, proper treatment is only the one which is based on the knowledge of the cause.

Whether you have your right or your left eye twitching, there might be a condition which is called blepharospasm. It is not a very severe disease and doctors usually refer to it as BEB disorder. It relates to left eye twitching, right eye ticks or both. It sometimes might be the alarm for something more dangerous. Usually it is not since otherwise BEB would not stand for benign essential blepharospasm. However, ticks in the left eye might also be the cause of spasms which are not treatable. They are not dangerous, however.

Apart from BEB disorder, there are causes of left eye twitching which are consequences of numerous everyday occurrences. Such spasms might occur if you lack sleep or if you are under constant tension and problems. Left eye twitching can be also caused by excessive time in front of the screen. This means your monitor must have all the necessary protective layers. Even excess of black coffee might be the reason, along with countless neurological ones. Eyes are very susceptible to fatigue and we do not think about it until something happens. Proper care for eyes and occasional visits to optician will keep the sight proper and eye nerves healthy.