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Left Eye Twitching: Myths

There are some myths about left eye twitching. Virtually every culture and people have some myth on this phenomenon. Many people still believe these myths despite the fact that modern medical science has successful explained the cause of left eye twitching. Here are some of the myths about eye twitching according to some popular cultures.

The Chinese have some myths on left eye twitching. Chinese have sayings that explain the implication of the twitching of the left and right eyelid. The twitching of the left eye in Chinese mythology has a positive implication for men. According to one Chinese saying, good fortune is coming on the way of a person if the left eyelid of the person is twitching. On the contrary, if the right lid is twitching it is a warning against an impending misfortune or danger. In other words, the twitching of right eyelid is an indicative of bad luck while that of left eyelid is an indicative of good luck.

However, the above myth on Chinese left eye twitching refers only to the male gender. A totally different meaning is given to it when it comes to the female gender. The twitching of the left eyelid of a woman is an indicative of bad luck while that of the right eyelid is an indication of good luck.

The Chinese are not the only people that have myths about left eye twitching. The Indians also have their own myth about the same phenomenon. The myths of the Indians are direct opposite of the Chinese myths. The twitching of the left eyelid brings bad news to a man and good news to a woman while that of right eyelids brings good news to a man and bad news to a woman. Some African countries also have their myths about left eye twitching.


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